Dusty Bottoms the drag performer leaving an elevator.

We recognize that it strains credulity exclaiming our professional love for Labor Day.

As frequently noted, advertising is neither rocket science nor a lunch bucket profession. Your vision of our team huddled over a Grande no-whip white chocolate mocha with five pumps of an extra shot, made with soy is, well, decidedly accurate. 

Where Does the Twain Meet?

An Agency exists to drive commerce through evocative creativity. We are strategists. We are designers. We are writers. We are makers. We invest whole-heartedly in creating brands that challenge convention. That truthfully reflect our client’s capabilities. That make people smile. Because we understand that your brand is an expectation. A promise.

The Fruit of Our Labor.

We accept the responsibility to lift sales. To make your brand more likable. To develop ideas that fit both your brand and your culture. To create real value in terms of long-term brand equity.

What Makes Our Work Work?

Creativity that touches hearts works. Creativity that is true works. Creativity that simplifies the complex works. Creativity that is disruptive works.

The Proof Is In the Elevator.

Common Bond Hotel Group came to us with an interesting challenge. They were building a boutique hotel outside of Louisville’s Central Business District in a neighborhood called the Highlands. Like Austin and Portland, the area prides itself in staying weird. Common Bond was converting America’s last disco ball factory into an elevated, modern hospitality experience. Expressly not luxe, but absolutely a one-of-a-kind experience that is as unusual as the area in which it is located.

Allow us to introduce you to the Myriad Hotel and a taste for this campaign through this :15 launch spot and :06 pull live streaming through YouTube and other connected services. Love it. Hate it. We believe that this work will touch hearts and is aligned with brand and culture.

A Final Splash.

This weekend when you‘re enjoying that final splish-splash of summer, consider putting our team on your Fall agenda. As much as we love AOR assignments, there is no project challenge that we are afraid to take on. We promise to treat it as a labor of love (see what we did there?).

Michael Littman

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