Brand Love

Dear Prospective Client

I suspect that you’ll remember me from my past decade+ at Doe-Anderson. For years I imagined that there could be no greater challenge than gaining consideration for our team as your advertising agency partner.

In retrospect, that was easy-peasy.

Today, I lead the smallest agency in Kentucky. Well, not the smallest (nine is larger than one), but certainly not the size of a firm that is typically considered.

No fear. I’m not asking for the implausible.
This asks only for the possible. 

Against the trope of the 2000s, where you’re forced to pick between “good, fast, and cheap,” we stand for doing exceptionally fine work, on time, all the time, and for a fair fee. 

Our core strength is in identifying and then bringing to life the red thread that connects human insight to brand strategy enunciated evocatively in execution. We have defined that space as living at the creative intersection of emotion and commerce. You will hear us say that truth lives at the intersection. You will hear me say that the user experience with the brand defines the expectations that the advertising must engender. That’s the thinking.

Just as importantly, you will find us to be genuine, responsive, and kind. We are driven to simplify. We want to get to the challenge faster and with less embroidery. Your bottom line is ours. That’s the performance.

My first 60 days here have led to additional assignments from First Breckinridge Bancshares (financial services), Rabbit Hole Distillery (premium spirit), Weyland Ventures (regional hotel chain), and Wild Eggs (regional restaurant chain).

We are well launched. We are adequately funded. We would love to be appropriately challenged.

Thanks for considering #87,713 — with any luck soon to become #1 in your heart.

Warm regards,


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