Here’s to the Kind of Clients Who Believe in Punching Above Their Weight – An Agency

There’s a singular truth in today’s marketing world that’s unavoidable – the one true advantage in a marketing budget is the power of the creative work to elevate your brand beyond competitive spend.

If the work has stopping power. If the work is emotionally connective. If the creative work is built on a sound strategic foundation. If each of these components are in place, the value of a marketing dollar is multiplied.  If these elements aren’t in place, the power of the marketing dollar is minimized.

Which is why we are so pleased – having been in business for a short period of time – that the work An Agency produced in 2022 made us the third most awarded agency in The American Advertising Federation – Louisville.

  • Doe-Anderson … 12 (Gold + Silver)
  • Nimbus … 10 (Gold + SIlver)
  • An Agency … 9 (Gold + Silver)

No award won by any agency at any time has been won without a great client. Everything we do begins with the people who hire us. It’s our clients who win these awards. More importantly, it’s the power of our creative work that makes marketing budgets punch above their weight.

Connecting with your audience today is hard. We live in a :06 world. We must earn our video completion rates, our listen through rates, our lowered cost of customer acquisition. It’s not like the ‘good old days’ when we could bludgeon audiences into action with 400 TRPs from Thursday – Sunday.

Today it’s an ‘opt-in’ world.  Which is why I’m suggesting to you that your team should ‘opt-in’ to An Agency. That decision simply increases your chances to earn hearts and minds. And if you have to make a little extra room on your corporate mantle for a few shiny objects – well, consider that a nice side benefit.

Let’s do this thing. Let’s break through the noise. Let’s make evocative work together. Let’s build brand equity while driving immediate sales opportunities.

Let’s win together, now!


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