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Rabbit Hole Bourbon

As America’s fastest-growing bourbon, Rabbit Hole doesn’t lean on its heritage and Kentucky roots, but stands up and says, proudly, “We’re the adventurers who give rise to ‘What’s next?’ The iconoclasts who ask ‘Why not?’ And the extraordinary who say ‘We will.‘” It’s a bourbon crafted to appeal to those who cherish their individuality, and who, through a life inspired by imagination and love, seek exceptional friendships and experiences. ‘The Wonderful Party’ tells their story in a way that gives a colorful, grateful nod to the brand’s wellspring, and the Sundance Film Festival work acknowledges Rabbit Hole’s place in the pantheon of creative and ambitious souls.

Sundance print advertisement
Sundance mural artwork

Sandy Hook Promise

Sandy Hook Promise, a national nonprofit organization founded by families whose loved ones were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, and Whitney/Strong Organization, a Kentucky group committed to finding commonsense solutions to end gun violence, came together in early 2022 to help President Biden pass his landmark federal gun-reform bill. Shortly after the law was enacted, we deployed this common-ground statewide outdoor / digital campaign to support the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s commitment to continue to cross the aisle on this critical initiative.

Sandy Hook Promise and Whitney/Strong Organization hero image
Meet us in the middle of the road bus shelter
Guns have a safety, so should humans bus shelter
Please express your outrage about this billboard at: outdoor board
Gun safety is the right thing outdoor board
Common ground for the commonwealth outdoor board
God is a righty outdoor board