First Breckinridge Bancshares – An Agency

How do seven community banks gain market share in the shadow of too-big-to-fail? By working together. With well in excess of $1 billon in assets, First Breckinridge Bancshares serves banking communities across the state, boasting seven distinct bank brands in its portfolio. In keeping with FBB’s commitment to honoring every location’s individuality, each bank had its own identity system. Campaigning on the phrase ’Where we come from,’ we leveraged FBB’s Kentucky roots. By emphasizing the banks’ fealty to their clients and their values, we developed a shared position with a joint-but-differentiating system of aesthetics.

Belle of Louisville
River City Bank print ad.
River City Bank brochure.
FBB Bank logos.
River City Bank home page.
Bank of Lexington home page.
Meade County Bank home page.
First State Bank outdoor board.
Meade county Bank outdoor board.
Bank of Lexington outdoor board.
Westpoint Bank outdoor board.
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