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Mary Dowling Bourbon

Our client Rabbit Hole came to us with an outrageous-but-turned-out-it-was-true-after-all story of a woman with nine children, a distillery, and an international bootlegging operation. Mary Dowling was the first female distillery owner and operator in the US, but she had the ill fortune of coming to prominence at the very worst time, Prohibition. Her legend and the bourbon it inspired live on in this fine whiskey, a testament to the woman we subsequently and appropriately dubbed the ’Mother of Bourbon.‘

Mary Dowling website
Mary Dowling in-store

First Breckinridge Bancshares

How do seven community banks gain market share in the shadow of too-big-to-fail? By working together. With well in excess of $1 billon in assets, First Breckinridge Bancshares serves banking communities across the state, boasting seven distinct bank brands in its portfolio. In keeping with FBB’s commitment to honoring every location’s individuality, each bank had its own identity system. Campaigning on the phrase ’Where we come from,’ we leveraged FBB’s Kentucky roots. By emphasizing the banks’ fealty to their clients and their values, we developed a shared position with a joint-but-differentiating system of aesthetics.

Belle of Louisville
River City Bank print ad.
River City Bank brochure.
FBB Bank logos.
River City Bank home page.
Bank of Lexington home page.
Meade County Bank home page.
First State Bank outdoor board.
Meade county Bank outdoor board.
Bank of Lexington outdoor board.
Westpoint Bank outdoor board.

Wild Eggs Restaurants

Breakfast in the south is a very serious business. So cue: Wild Eggs, a large, rapidly growing breakfast-food restaurant chain, which over the last decade has become one of the premier players in the marketplace. The interiors reflect their casual-but-fun-and-fresh take on cooking, an aesthetic we were asked to emulate in our social media work for them. Families, smiles, lots of light and color . . . and of course eggs.

Man enjoying a coffee.
Happy boy at table.
Loaded breakfast platter.
Boy with pancakes.
Overhead shot of fully loaded breakfast table.
Carousel ad on mobile.

Work Architecture + Design

Despite being one of the better-known architecture firms in the region, recognized as much for its fun bright orange logo as its insightful, creative design, Work approached us about updating its identity to match its evolution to a larger and more sophisticated company. The assignment grew from an acknowledgment that Work‘s strength lay in its ability to uncover and communicate the exceptional.

Hit Art Institute exterior
Work logos
Work magazine ad
Work pitch book
Work pitch book
Work pitch book
Work identity system
Work t-shirt
Work polo shirt
Work style guide
Work exterior signage

Cruise Customs

When based in Kentucky, everything and anything ends up being connected to bourbon, thoroughbreds, or fried chicken. And while we’ve yet to work on a fried chicken or a fried horse account, we do have bourbon-barrel-loads of experience. Cruise offers wooden merchandise ranging from six-foot-wide flags to bottle openers, each hand-crafted by veterans, which we share through inventive digital messaging.

Website monitor showing Cruise homepage
Cruise social media carousel example
Cruise social media carousel example
Cruise social media carousel example
Cruise social media Instagram examples

Alliance for Women in Media

You might have heard of the Gracies, a prestigious Oscars-like awards show named after Gracie Allen. The Gracies are a production of Alliance for Women in Media, an international association created to inspire female leaders. AWM asked us to build a website (or two) and help them with online advertising. As part of the project, we also developed AWM’s 70th Anniversary identity system, including the Voices name.

Alliance for Women in Media home page on monitor
Alliance for Women in Media social media on mobile devices
Alliance for Women in Media web page
Alliance for Women in Media microsite web page
Alliance for Women in Media web page
Alliance for Women in Media microsite web page

Kykeon Coaching

Once upon a time, a successful senior executive said to himself, ‘Screw all this. I want to help troubled young adults not only find their purpose in life, but equip them with the personal, social, and even professional tools to make a go of it.’ And so he embarked on transforming this passion into a reality, retaining us to help him name, brand, and communicate his company’s value into something that has now grown into a nationally recognized coaching platform.

Sample of a Kykeon webpage
Sample of a Kykeon webpage

Rabbit Hole Bourbon

As America’s fastest-growing bourbon, Rabbit Hole doesn’t lean on its heritage and Kentucky roots, but stands up and says, proudly, “We’re the adventurers who give rise to ‘What’s next?’ The iconoclasts who ask ‘Why not?’ And the extraordinary who say ‘We will.‘” It’s a bourbon crafted to appeal to those who cherish their individuality, and who, through a life inspired by imagination and love, seek exceptional friendships and experiences. ‘The Wonderful Party’ tells their story in a way that gives a colorful, grateful nod to the brand’s wellspring, and the Sundance Film Festival work acknowledges Rabbit Hole’s place in the pantheon of creative and ambitious souls.

Sundance print advertisement
Sundance mural artwork

Hall’s Beer Cheese

We love clients who want to stand up and tell the world about how proud they are of their brands. Better yet, they want to make them look as cool as they (and we) believe they are. So when an iconic Kentucky cult product shows up on your doorstep with stars in its eyes asking you to get it the attention it deserves, what else can you do . . . but help make it famous?

Overhead shot of Hall's Beer Cheese products
Hall's Beer Cheese Food Groups poster
Hall's Beer Cheese Food Groups Colonel poster
Hall's Beer Cheese Imitation Colonel poster
Hall's Beer Cheese shelf-toppers
Hall's Beer Cheese shelf-toppers

Highland Coffee

Highland Coffee was one of the first coffee shops in town. In fact, they became an institution. But sadly, after 23 years, the Pandemic took its toll in 2021 and their brick-and-mortar location in the Highlands closed. The location was core to the brand, of course, but the legacy and the quality of the coffee remained, and so we were asked to position them as an online brand. We drove the initiative with a campaign of five custom-illustrated letterpress posters based on the caffeine-inspired tagline “What Are You Up For?” supplemented with a refreshed logo, a range of t-shirts, mugs, and sundry other tchotchkes.

Highland Coffee wall posters
Highland Coffee Doc Martens poster
Highland Coffee DJ poster
Highland Coffee Juno poster
Highland Coffee t-shirt
Highland Coffee t-shirt
Highland Coffee t-shirt
Highland Coffee cup sleeve
Highland Coffee cup sleeve